There are many types of home loan facilities. Here is our list of home loan product types and the documentation you need to apply for a loan.

Basic Home Loan

A Basic Home Loan is a simple loan generally with no application or account management fees and offers a competitive interest rate. It allows for Interest Only, Principle and Interest or Fixed repayment option.

Line of Credit Home Loan Facility

The Line of Credit Home Loan has been designed to help investors maximise access to equity and optimise their investment opportunities. There is generally an annual fee charged and it comes with fully transactional product that offers multiple accounts. This type of account tends to come with a Credit Card, Deposit Card and Cash Card. It allows for Principle and Interest or Interest Only repayment option.

Offset Home Loan Facility

The Offset Home Loan is a fully transactional loan aimed at clients who want to pay off their loan sooner through the use of an offset account. It combines a fully feature home loan with all the benefits of a 100% offset account.

It allows for salary and other funds to pay directly into the loan. The balance of the offset account is offset against the balance in the home loan account and therefore reduces the total interest payable on the home loan. This means that the customer only pays interest on the balance of the Home Loan less then funds in the offset account. The overall loan term and amount of interest paid can therefore be reduced.

This type of account tends to come with a Credit Card, Deposit Card and Cash Card. It allows for Principle and Interest or Interest Only repayment option.


Construction Loans assist borrowers with the construction of a residential dwelling on existing or new land purchases, or structural renovations to an existing dwelling. Loan repayments are generally Interest Only during the construction period.

Fixed Rates

Enjoy the security of a Fixed Interest rate home loan, where the rate will not change during the fixed rate period and your repayments will remain the same.

Interest Only

An Interest Only loan is a loan in which, for a set term, the borrower pays only the interest on the principal balance, with the principal balance unchanged.

Specialist Lending

If you are having trouble getting a loan from mainstream lenders, our range of specialty loans may be the solution. We offer a wide range of options to suit a range of different financial circumstances. We have lenders available who specialise in servicing the Self Employed or customers who have been declined due to Defaults, Judgements or missed Home Loan repayments.

Self Employed Low Doc Home Loans

Low Doc Loans are designed for borrowers who don’t have sufficient documentation to support a standard loan application. Income is evidenced through a declaration, accountant’s verification and supporting documents dependent on the loan.

What Documents You Will Need Provide

Depending on the lender you choose will determine what documents you will need to provide. These document are required from the lender in order to fully assess and approve your home loan application. Once we have discussed the options available and you have chosen a suitable lender we will confirm the documents that are required. In general most lenders will require the following per applicant as a bare minimum to assess your application:

Customer Identification

Your Driving License and Passport

Proof of Income if PAYG

Your last 2 months payslips and last year group certificate or letter from employer

Proof of Income if Self Employed

Last Two Year Personal Tax Returns including most recent ATO assessment notice

Last Two Year Company/Business/Trust Tax Returns & most recent ATO assessment notice

Last Two Year Company financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss)

Home Loan Statements

Require the last 6 months of Home Loan statements

Credit Card Statements

Require the last 3 months statements

Car Loan Statements

Require the last 6 months statements