Declined by a bank? A mortgage broker should be your next call…

Are you having difficulty buying a property or refinancing your home loan because the banks refuse to help you?

Just because the banks have said ‘no’ to finance, it doesn’t mean you’re out of options

These are just some of the reasons why borrowers may be told ‘no’ by their bank when looking for a home loan.

  • Low credit score
  • Don’t quite have the “perfect” credit history
  • Large amounts of credit cards or unsecured debts
  • Self-employed
  • Need to pay out a large tax debt
  • Recent defaults

If this is you, don’t despair – you may still be able to achieve your financial goals whether this is to upsize, refinance to release cash or to purchase an investment property. At Improve Finance we will listen to your whole story and can take on the task of comparing home loans to find you a lender that will assess your application on your individual circumstances so you get a fair go.

Looking at alternative options

All lenders are not created equal, and just because one bank has said “no deal” it doesn’t mean you should give up just yet!

By working with a great number of flexible non-bank home loan lenders, Improve Finance have access to hundreds of home loans and can help to match a product that will meet your needs and budget.

Non-banks cater to borrowers who fall outside the criteria set out by the banks and offer a greater range of niche loan products that are more likely suit your individual circumstances.

Alternative lenders offer a more personalised service will take a common sense approach to lending. They often have less stringent lending criteria and can help if your credit rating is on the low side or you have be declined a loan by a bank in the past.

About Us

Improve Finance was founded on the belief that every customer should be given the most appropriate advice when taking out a home loan.

With access to multiple lenders, rates and products our highly customised lending solution can help customers improve their financial position.

If you would like to discuss your home loan with a mortgage broker speak to Improve Finance.  If you have been declined or are struggling to find a solution why not give me a call on 0423 931 822 or at

We also work with many business partners including accountants, real-estate agents and financial planners who refer their customers for help with their home loan.  If you would like to discuss referring business then please get in contact.

There are options outside the banks so don’t despair.

Chris Meaker
Founder of Improve Finance