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Over the last ten years I have specialised in alternative lending and I’m a huge advocate for giving customers as much choice as possible to regain control of their finances.

There are different types of terminology I’ve heard over the years ranging from non-conforming, near prime, sub-prime and specialist lending to name a few.  Ultimately it is just an alternative option now being offered by a wide range of lenders.  Sometimes we are too fixated into categorising people into different sectors of the market.  What is most important is finding a suitable lender and solution for the customer.

With the current market it is getting increasingly harder to fit within the policy of the banks and without using a mortgage broker a customer may struggle to obtain finance.  As a customer would you rather go to mortgage broker who can offer multiple lenders and products rather than to just go to one lender?  Choice is so important in life, especially in finance and I would highly recommend talking to a mortgage broker and seeking out the most appropriate solution.

Research (1) found that last year 18% of Aussies (3.6m) had been turned down by a financial institution and what is interesting is over half of those customer were not aware of another solution.

I’m sure the majority of those customers were not fortunate enough to have access to a mortgage broker who would give them an alternative option.  How concerning is it that a large proportion of Australians are unable to get the support to meet their financial needs.  How many customers are not able to buy their first home, extend their house or refinance their existing debt to improve their financial position?  I was staggered by this and it has become my mission to offer more options to customers to help fulfil their financial goals.  In essence the reason why Improve Finance was founded.

I’m extremely passionate to help customers improve their financial position.  Whether it’s helping someone who is self-employed, has a low credit score, unusual types of income or may have credit impairment I work with lenders to find them the most appropriate solution.  Just because the banks said no doesn’t mean there isn’t another option.  I’m confident there is an alternative solution and a lender willing to help.

If you would like to chat to a specialist in alternative lending give me a call.  As well as working directly with customers I’m also working with many business partners including mortgage brokers and accountants who seek out my expertise in this area.   I’m happy to work with your customers to obtain the best possible solution in the market and help improve their financial position.

Whether you are a customer looking for help or a business partner wanting to refer clients please get in contact, I’m here to help.

Chris Meaker

Founder & Home Loan Expert

0423 931 822

Disclaimer: This information does not consider your individual objectives, financial situation and needs. You should assess whether the information is appropriate for you and seek specialist advice from a qualified and licensed advisor.

¹ Pepper Money (2017). The Lost Aussies: 3.6 million locked out of the financial system. A Research Report. Pureprofile research, Sydney Australia, 2017